Announcing the 2022 Impact Grant Finalists
The Impact Model

At least 100 women come together

Each woman donates $1,000*

$100,000 is donated to a local nonprofit

*Impact100 Greater Wausau’s membership contribution is $1,100: $1,000 goes towards grants, while $100 helps to cover administrative expenses.

Our 2021 Impact Grant recipient is The Boys & Girls Club of the Wausau Area. They will use the $100,000 grant to build a Club Teaching Kitchen.

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Who We Are

We are women who have come together to make a collective and significant difference in our community. Impact100 Greater Wausau exists to empower women to award large grants that transform lives.

Peb yog leej twg

Peb yog ib pawg poj niam thooj siab koom ntsws los kho lub zej lub zos. Impact100 Greater Wausau yog ib lub koom haum txhawb nqa poj niam los ntawm kev muab nyiaj pab rau lawv ua tes dej num tsim kho poj niam lub neej kom huam vam.

Quiénes somos

Somos mujeres que nos hemos unido para hacer una diferencia colectiva y significativa en nuestra comunidad. Impact100 Greater Wausau existe para empoderar a las mujeres para donar grandes subvenciones que transforman vidas.