Be the Good Today – Transform Tomorrow Project Recap
   2022 Good News Project, Inc
Final Report
  1. Did you achieve the outcome(s) you intended with this project? Comment on additional outcomes not directly associated with the project’s objectives (e.g. partnerships formed, additional funding support gained).

Most outcomes were achieved. As you will see from the impact report of the outcomes, in all areas we have seen a marked increase in services. Due to unforeseen circumstances surrounding the capital campaign and the commencement of construction, staff and volunteer time was rerouted to support construction and changing operational needs. Because staff priorities shifted, the use of the educational center and educational opportunities were not developed as projected. It is foreseen however that staff and volunteer priorities will soon be stabilized, and educational opportunities will resume to be the focus. The growth of the programs without use of the educational center is encouraging.  GNP has the potential to exceed the 3-year goal significantly once focus is shifted to outreach and increasing the community awareness of GNP and the environmental impact it makes.

Surprisingly, there were many outcomes from the grant that were unanticipated by GNP. Listed below are a few of the significant impacts that were observed:


  • The awareness of GNP that has been achieved since the Impact100 grant has significantly helped our HELP (Health Equipment Lending Program) needs. To accommodate construction, we did have to close to the public two days a week starting in February for the safety of our clients. Also, due to minimized warehouse space during construction, donations of health equipment were limited to only highly specialized items. Due to the significant increase of donations and clients served prior to February, our HELP program had maintained momentum and although hours have been limited, GNP is still experiencing an increase. Without this increase, the GNP budget would have been negatively impacted.
  • Due to the successful increase of volunteers and the number of volunteers hours available, GNP was able to use that momentum to support reducing Capital Campaign costs. Volunteers painted, stained, and cleaned for a cost savings of over $10,000 to our construction costs. While some volunteer shifts were cancelled due to change of operational hours, GNP was able to retain volunteers with new opportunities, while increasing volunteers to help the future needs of the organization once the construction is completed.
  • The Impact100 grant process allowed Good News Project to take an in-depth look at its programs and impacts. Through this application process, materials were developed that precisely describe the impacts that Good News Project makes in the community and developed GNP’s staff skills of presenting opportunities and outcomes of potential partnerships with GNP.Because these foundation pieces were in place, GNP has secured a new partnership with the Helen Bader Foundation. This foundation conducted on-site evaluation of the opportunity to partner with GNP. The result of this partnership is a $20,000 grant towards GNP’s Capital Campaign, with great potential for annual gifts.
  • The local volunteers were able to assist with two unplanned, short notice, humanitarian shipments to Ukraine and Turkey. While it may appear that the local community was not impacted by such a program, it really did favorably impact our local volunteers and other local non-profits. For both humanitarian shipments, GNP partnered with other local organizations to help fill their need for supplies. As the shipments were prepared, GNP Volunteers packed and logged medical equipment that was shipped overseas. GNP Volunteer Dawn stated “ I was sitting at home and watching the events unfold. Watching the devastation that was taking place and not know how I personally could make an impact. Good News Project gave me that opportunity that I could not find on my own. I am so blessed that I was able to participate in this shipment.”


  1. What impact did this grant have on your organization, the community and target population?
    Please quantify if possible
    Character Limit: 1000 
  • Volunteer hours have increased 30% and we have 51 new volunteers from Marathon County. These volunteers are facilitating the support for program increase.
  • HELP Customers have increased by 14%
  • HELP Equipment Donations have increased by 22%
  • e-CYCLING increased 18%
  • Four new businesses located in Marathon County have decided to hold e-CYCLING events and the only business that was holding an e-CYCLING event prior to the Impact 100 Grant, increased their commitment to 2 events per year. These events have recycled almost 34,000 lbs of electronics. Preparing valuable resources for reuse and keeping toxins and hazardous materials out of our local landfills.
  • Due to the increase of volunteer and partnership support, we have been able to move forward with the construction to prepare Good News Project for the increase of services that are projected in the future.
  1. How have you sustained, or will you sustain, the benefits, momentum and spirit of this project?

              Character Limit: 2500 


  • The increase of volunteer support is positioning Good News Project to be prepared for even a higher increase in client services as we resume full operations after the construction is completed.
  • Once construction is complete and volunteers are trained in new operations, educational expansion will be the focus going forward. Impact100 has given us the educational components to provide the outreach experiences.
  • Because of the success of securing a Bader donation from the Helen Bader Foundation based on materials that were developed for the Impact100 grant, Good News Project is vetting other foundations that might have the right fit. Using materials developed for the Impact100 grant is only one piece of the puzzle. Using templates that are tracking the success of our programs, which were developed for Impact100 grant reporting, has positioned GNP to provide proof of impact to other Grantors.
  • After receiving the Impact100 award, we decided to add solar energy to our capital campaign! We are so excited that 71% of our energy needs will be covered by this effort and continuation to want to “Be the Good” for the environment and each other.
  1. Provide a final financial report.
    Reports are hard to attach online. Please email for any financial statements
  1. Have all Impact100 Greater Wausau funds been expended (yes or no)?

          If no, please explain 

No. You will see on the budget that $8,111 toward salary will be spent by July 31, 2023

as part of payroll expenses for Volunteer Coordinator.